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The law firm of Gary G Bagdasarian, Attorney at Law, is here to help you during a difficult time. I understand how when a relative has passed. We're here to provide legal services that would help the probate or trust administration process progress smoothly and efficiently, taking into consideration all the family dynamics.

An Experienced Attorney Who Takes Care Of His Clients

The Fresno, California, law firm of Gary G Bagdasarian, Attorney at Law, provides four decades of legal experience in estate planning, estate administration, probate, and estate litigation. Besides possessing a deep well of knowledge and skill in estate law, I also know how sensitive these matters can be.

Many people avoid creating an estate plan because it is uncomfortable for them to contemplate end-of-life questions. However, estate planning in a thoughtful, well-crafted way is one of the greatest gifts you can leave your family. I will work closely with you to create a personalized estate plan that will allow you to pass on your belongings the way you wish, as well as ensure that your preferences for medical care are honored if you are ever incapacitated.

As an experienced lawyer, I also understand how difficult it is to deal with estate administration and trust litigation when you are grieving a parent, spouse or sibling. No matter how complex the estate might be, or how contentious the situation could become, I will represent you skillfully to make the process as short and smooth as possible, so that you can focus on remembering your loved one.

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Take Steps To Keep Your Family Together

Most people agree that one of their greatest concerns about estate planning is the possibility of a legal battle dividing their family someday. The best way you can reassure yourself that your estate will not disrupt family harmony is to retain an attorney who understands how the law and family dynamics intersect. I always act with your needs in mind and do what is possible to minimize the risk of family strife, even when litigation is necessary.

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